10 juillet 2017

DLUXE DNA Wrinkle Look Reduced 8 pcs x 5ml

ENGLISH CHARACTERISTICS-PROPERTIES: This biological extract contains among its active ingredients: MARINE DNA,among its properties: High quality moisturizer (it is able to absorb 10,000 times its volume […]
9 juillet 2017

LIGHT 2030 Peel-off Mask (10pcs x 30g) + Aqua Termale (10pcs x 90ml)

ENGLISH The Researching, Development and Innovation labs of Alissi Bronte have made the blend of the best extracts from Whitening Plants with the maximum effectiveness never […]
8 juillet 2017

FIRMING 2020 Peel-off Mask 10pcs x 30g + Aqua Termale 1000ml

EGLISH CHARACTERISTICS-PROPERTIES: Exclusive and unique Peel Off Mask formulated over a base of Pure Diatomeas Earth, and enriched with the most effective natural extracts. Spirulina: Allows the […]
7 juillet 2017

FIRMING 2020 Firming Mask 10 pcs x 30 g

ENGLISH: Face and Body Mask for oily skin. FRENCH : Masque pour le visage et pour le cou pour peaux grasses.
6 juillet 2017

EYE REVIVER MASK 12pcs x 8g + GIFT Aqua Termale 3pcs x 100ml

ENGLISH EYE REVIVER MASK is a specific treatment for eye contour with decongestant action. Reduces rings, bags and wrinkles under the eyes. Actions: Drains, regenerates and […]
5 juillet 2017

GOLD WRAP Gold 24K & Pearls Envelope 10pcs x 30g

ENGLISH CHARACTERISTICS-PROPERTIES: Gold Wrap provides life to the skin with visible skin regeneration results. Properties: Anti-aging effect, providing firmness, luminosity and nourishing the skin. It also revitalizes and […]
4 juillet 2017


3 juillet 2017

SERENITY Concentrate for Sensitive Skin 8pcs x 5ml

ENGLISH CHARACTERISTICS-PROPERTIES: This product main components act as decongestive and moisturizers, making it indispensable for all treatments where these types of actions are required. We also […]
2 juillet 2017

OXIGEN Q10 Oxygenating & Whitening Treatment 8pcs x 5ml

ENGLISH CHARACTERISTICS-PROPERTIES: Biological extract which contains an exclusive Oxygenating, Whitening and Coenzyme Q10 complex. Its nourishing property assures cells activity, as it provides necessary energy to […]