Our Philosophy


The prestige of the High Quality Natural Scientific Cosmetics with Natural, Organic and Ecological ingredients. Why use High Natural Cosmetic products of Alissi Brontë ? It is a natural cosmetic for the skin, with more efficiency and lasting effects. Through our Certified Laboratory (Registration Certificate, Agemed, No. 01483CS), we use the most advanced research techniques to obtain from nature ingredients that provide maximum benefit to the skin.

Experience over 44 years.
Our extraordinary quality, proven and certified at international level.
(Certified ISO 9001, SGS, n º ES 07/4519).
Our respect for the environment is recognized and certified at international level.
(Certified ISO 14001, SGS, No. 08/5418 ES).

Our certified organic plantations.
(Certificate C.A.E., No. MU-2621/P).

Our research and development is recognized and certified.
(UNE 166002, SGS, No. 09/6942). Our Good Manufacturing Practices certified
(Certificate ISO 22716, SGS, nº ES 12/13123).
Our plant extracts and essential oils help cell regeneration and rejuvenate the skin. A complete professional range of protocols, treatments and rituals.

If you seek Cosmetics… 0% …

* 0% Mineral Oils
* 0% Paraffins,Parabens, Radiation
* 0% Formol releasing preservatives
* 0% Testing on animals
* 0% PABA (Para-amino-benzoic Acid)
* 0% GMOs (Genetically modified organisms)

& With …

* Natural Sugars
* Floral Waters
* Pure Essential Oils
* Ecological Medicinal Plants
* Protective and self-regulating effects on the skin
* Visible and lasting rejuvenating effects
* Certified Quality
* Certified Respect for the Environment
* Certified Organic Farming
* Certified R&D
* Bioactive products which provide beauty
* Health and Wellbeing

Your brand is Alissi Brontë… For your health… For your beauty… For the planet…